About NWAF

Our Vision

Motivating us in our endeavors is the vision of a future in which the well-being of the people living in our eight states is as well-known and admired as the inspiring landscapes of the region.

We see a region:

Where diversity is valued and nurtured in rural, urban and American Indian reservation communities.

Known for its highly skilled, well-educated population, its living-wage jobs, its innovative public policies and its healthy, vibrant communities.

Characterized by thriving local economies within thriving natural ecosystems.

Where creative entrepreneurship is valued in both for-profit and nonprofit enterprises, and where both investment capital and social capital are steadily expanding.

Whose strong public institutions, business community and nonprofit sector collaborate to address pressing needs and help build pathways to prosperity for all residents.

Whose people are organized and empowered to lift their voices and actively shape the civic, social, political and economic life of their communities.

We see a region whose rich culture of engagement and opportunity makes its eight states prized places to visit, to invest and to live and where all residents have a fair chance to live free of poverty.