Mr. Nicholas Walrod

Joined Northwest Area Foundation: February 2013

Nicholas Walrod is a managing director of 3×5 Partners, a venture capital firm. He and his wife also own Dancing Moon Farm, an organic vegetable and flower farm in Hood River, Oregon. The grandson of the late philanthropist John Gray, Walrod is a founding board member of the Gray Family Foundation. He also is executive director of the Yarg Foundation, a private family foundation focused on Oregon land trusts.

Walrod has served on many nonprofit boards, including the Board of Governors and Pacific Northwest College of Arts. He is the founding board member of Gorge Grown Food Network and Oakland Leaf, an organization dedicated to community transformation through creative education for youth and families. He also serves on the corporate boards of Zero Mass Water, Fishpeople Seafood, and Securus Medical Group.

Walrod holds a bachelor’s in public policy studies from Duke University. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and three children. An accomplished tennis player, Walrod competed in the NCAA National Championship in 1994 and 1995.