Third Quarter Grants 2016

The Northwest Area Foundation approved 17 grants worth $2,768,925 in the third quarter of 2016. We funded organizations whose work aligns with two of our four interlocking portfolios, creating enterprise development and promoting workforce opportunity for low-income communities across the our region, with a special focus on those that are Native, communities of color, or immigrant. We also funded a Program-Related Investment, which provides social rather than economic returns by strengthening organizations that provide capital and support for new and growing businesses in underserved areas.

Grants to Support Enterprise Development

Democracy Collaborative Foundation Inc. Cleveland will receive $200,000 over two years to support its final stages of delivering the Learning/Action Lab for Community Wealth Building, continuing to focus on developing employee ownership and social enterprise among select Native-led organizations.
Grant term: June 1, 2016 – May 31, 2018

North Dakota Indian Business Alliance (IBA) will receive $150,000 as a renewal grant funded over two years through its fiscal sponsor, North Dakota Community Foundation of Bismarck, ND, to strengthen the IBA’s capacity and impact, supporting its mission to advance economic development and entrepreneurship in Native communities, both on and off reservations.
Grant term: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2018

Grants to Foster Workforce Opportunitiy

American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center (AIOIC) of Minneapolis will receive $200,000 over two years to expand its Adult Basic Education (ABE) services. Funding will aid the introduction of a contextualized curriculum that will help set ABE students on a good jobs pathway and connect students to other training and placement services offered by AIOIC. Additionally, AIOIC will seek out resources to support expanded outreach and workforce programming.
Grant term: Oct. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2018

CAPI USA of Minneapolis will receive $200,000 over two years to build the capacity, reach, and effectiveness of its workforce programs. CAPI will introduce two new positions—outreach training coordinator and work readiness facilitator—to expand its credentialed training programs and also provide important soft skills and financial education training.
Grant term: Oct. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2018

Hmong American Partnership (HAP) of St. Paul, MN, will receive $200,000 over two years to assess and align its infrastructure, resources, and talent to ensure that its workforce programming is meeting the needs of its community. The activities of the project will lead to more effective and integrated workforce programming for HAP.
Grant term: Oct. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2018

General Grants

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples Inc. of Arcata, CA, will receive $750,000 over three years to help continue its Native nonprofit field-building work, which strengthens individual Native-led nonprofits and builds the regional nonprofit support structure through increased collaboration with Native organizations, technical partners, and funders.
Grant term: Sept.1, 2016 – Aug. 31, 2019

Program Related Investments (PRIs)

Craft3 Investment LLC of Ilwaco, WA, will receive $1 million over seven years to increase capitalization of loans to underserved rural small businesses and Native Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) in Oregon and Washington that advance economic, ecological, and family resilience in the region.
Grant term: July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2023


All sponsorships support opportunities for grantees within our four-portfolio grantmaking strategy to participate in activities that advance their learning, build relationships, exchange ideas and resources, and collaborate in unexpected ways. We include sponsorships of $10,000 or more in the list below. For sponsorships of less than $10,000, please see our grants database.

California Indian Manpower Consortium Inc. of Sacramento, CA, received $20,000 for workforce development scholarships.
Grant term: July 15
, 2016 – Dec. 31, 2016

California Indian Manpower Consortium Inc. of Sacramento, CA, received $10,000 as a partial sponsorship for an awards luncheon, and to help offset administrative expenses for implementing its workforce development scholarship program.
Grant term: Aug. 24
, 2016