Cheyenne River Sioux Tribal Ventures Accomplishments

  • Established six learning centers in remote reservation communities to help low-income tribal members connect with tribal services, general education development (GED) programs, and orientation to work opportunities
  • Implemented a system of working with tribally embedded partners, such as Four Bands Community Fund, a Native community development financial institution, to expand non profit ability to apply and leverage resources to stimulate private enterprise and learning opportunities
  • Created a nationally recognized and replicable model for Youth Individual Development Account (IDA) program, including teen job internships, financial literacy training, and saving for higher education and careers
  • Organized a Native Chamber of Commerce, including non-Indian businesses, and the Shop Cheyenne River campaign to promote local entrepreneurship and to increase the retention and circulation of dollars on the reservation
  • Established and funded a Reservation Partnership Fund to provide matching grants to expand businesses creating new jobs and a Community Development Fund to spur community-determined development initiatives in local communities