PORTFOLIO | Enterprise Development

Supporting Enterprise Development that drives entrepreneurship and provides ownership, jobs, and training opportunities to people who have been denied them in the past.

Enterprise Development is a proven way to empower people to pursue their dreams of opening a business so they can thrive on their own terms.

Enterprise Development also means community investment. Locally owned small businesses understand that their own success depends on the well-being of their communities, economic and otherwise. They offer better jobs and care more about the financial capability of their employees.

Our Enterprise Development funding is focused on social enterprises and microenterprises.

  • Social enterprise strategies—like a youth-run garden and café, or a technology recycling program operated by adults facing barriers to employment—raise revenue to further their own mission and have a greater impact for the people they serve.

  • Microenterprises and the people who run them are the lifeblood of thriving local economies. Small businesses and microenterprises—locally owned and operated by five or fewer employees, including the owner who draws his or her primary source of income from the business—extend and expand key economic opportunities, especially for people who face limited job prospects where they live.

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