Transportation can be a huge barrier to gaining a job and developing the financial capability to thrive on your own terms.

Consider that only about 25 percent of jobs in low- and middle-skill industries lie within a 90-minute ride on public transit. Most low-income people don’t own a vehicle because of the expense. Without one, they’re facing huge barriers to obtaining a job, working more hours, and earning a living wage.

MABC addressed this by building partnerships to draft the Getting to Work bill, which would help low-income families obtain an affordable vehicle, vehicle loan, or necessary car repairs.

Supporters included trade groups, such as the Minnesota Bankers Association and the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and 22 legislators across the aisle, including 10 Republicans and 12 Democrats. Although the bill was unable to procure funding this year, it will be reintroduced at the next legislative session and has opened the door to broad-based collaboration that can advance future policy.

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