Native CDFIs are dynamic and trusted financial partners, opening doors to loans, credit, jobs, and much more.

We’re proud to launch a new webpage about Native CDFIs (community development financial institutions)! Native CDFIs are weavers, expanding economic opportunity and connecting families, communities, and entrepreneurs to the resources necessary to bring dreams to life for multiple generations.

Native CDFIs are also led by people with strong community relationships and deep knowledge of their history, serving as trusted intermediaries whose expertise has guided investments toward impressive returns that are uplifting economies anchored in Native culture.

Northwest Area Foundation is committed to connecting Native CDFIs with the partners and networks necessary to prosper.

We’ve made deep investments in Native CDFIs for five years, evolving from our commitment to invest 40 percent of our foundation’s assets in Native-led organizations. In total, we’ve made $33.4 million in grants to Native-led organizations between 2012 and 2016.

This new webpage makes the case for why you should learn more about Native CDFIs. It will regularly feature insights and stories about how Native CDFIs are partnering with tribes, banks, government, and others to open up access to credit, services, and capital for Native communities.

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Native CDFIs are:

  • Dynamic and trusted financial partners
  • Helping tribal communities build assets, strengthen financial know-how and overcome barriers to credit
  • Committed to self-determination
  • Successful investments rooted in the cultural and historical strengths of native communities
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