Native community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are dynamic and trusted partners for building assets and thriving economies in Indian Country.

This year’s annual report explores the role that Native CDFIs play in Indian Country. The Native CDFI field is still young. But it contains seeds of change that we are honored to nurture in whatever ways we can.

Why Native CDFIs?

CDFIs offer a proven and successful model for providing loans, investment capital, and much more to underserved communities. In Native communities, which have been working hard to gain fair and equitable access to banks and financial services, the role of these institutions is even more vital.

In many areas, Native CDFIs provide the only affordable alternative to predatory financial service providers. Rooted in the cultural and historical context of Native communities, Native CDFIs are weavers, connecting the elements necessary to build thriving local economies anchored in culture.

Native CDFI Network connects dots to build financial strength in Indian Country.

This year’s annual report profiles our grantee, Native CDFI Network (NCN), a national association of Native CDFIs that works to increase access to capital in Native Country. The organization was created in 2009 to unify Native CDFIs serving Native trust land communities, American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians.

We’re committed to supporting Native CDFIs, which cultivate the partners, funding, and networks necessary for Native communities to prosper. Our profile of NCN will inspire you. Its story, its values, and its work offer a clear example of how Native CDFIs open doors for strong, self-determined communities in Indian Country.

Learn more about the Native CDFI Network, Native CDFIs, and Northwest Area Foundation.

We’ve given $16,448,298 in community grants to nonprofits helping people build assets through good jobs and financial capability. Forty percent—$33.4 million—went toward Native-led organizations between 2012 and 2016.

Dive into this year’s annual report and explore the beauty and promise of Native CDFIs. They’re a proven and successful model for providing loans, investment capital, and much more to Native communities.

2017 Annual Report

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