The Scorecard helps you make the case for work that puts communities on a path to prosperity and expands economic opportunity.

The Prosperity Now Scorecard gives easy access to comprehensive new data on income, employment, and other outcome measures that inform your engagement with policymakers and other stakeholders. The Scorecard’s insight and policy recommendations help put all US households on a path to prosperity. It also equips advocates and practitioners with national, state, and local data to jump-start conversations about solutions that put households on stronger financial footing.

This year’s version of the Scorecard includes data from all 435 congressional districts so you can find information that’s relevant for anywhere you’re based. Use the Scorecard to:

  • Explore data in related topics
  • Choose demographic features such as population or median income, using the new Compare tool, to compare your community to others
  • Build your own reports and graphics
  • Compare your community to surrounding areas and your state
  • Conduct further research
More about Prosperity Now and its work we’ve funded.

Prosperity Now is a current grantee of ours that is working to ensure everyone in our country has a clear path to financial stability, wealth, and prosperity.

Among Prosperity Now’s amazing work is the useful technical assistance and strategic support it has provided to several cohorts of our grantees. These cohorts range from advocates working on policy that expands economic opportunity to our current African American Financial Capability initiative, which is providing $4.35 million over three years to support communities of practice in six cities within our region. Later this year, we plan to share insights from a recent convening in our office, led by Prosperity Now.

All of this work helps achieve outcomes we seek to advance through our Financial Inclusion Portfolio, which supports organizations helping people break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck, navigate loans and debt, build credit, and withstand financial crises.

Find out more.

Want to learn more about how to use the Scorecard and how it could benefit your work? Check out our Financial Inclusion Portfolio page to see how the Scorecard can help you better understand the status of financial stability and prosperity in your state.

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