Your insights encouraged us to go deeper on how Native CDFIs make ideal partners for long-term impact in Indian Country.

Our thanks to those who participated in last year’s Native community development financial institution (CDFI) survey on our website.

The survey showed that people want to hear more about Native communities and Native CDFIs—specifically how Native CDFIs can help foster lasting prosperity. We also learned that people are looking for more information on Native CDFIs—including partnership opportunities, success stories, and details on the kinds of funding access Native CDFIs provide.

Participants said they’re interested in hearing more about the positive relationships that can develop between funders and Native CDFIs. Our ongoing collaboration with First Nations Oweesta Corporation is one example of how funders can work with Native CDFIs to cultivate economic growth and, by extension, increased economic sovereignty in Indian Country.

Going deeper, virtually and in person, on Native CDFIs in 2019.

In response to the survey’s discoveries, we’ve refocused our online materials that encourage financial institutions, foundations, and other funders to partner with Native CDFIs. If you haven’t seen the changes to our webpage for potential investors and funders, you can visit the page here.

Upcoming communications will explore the cultural context of Native CDFIs—how their understanding of the culture and strengths of Native communities opens the door to inclusive growth for Native economies. Native CDFIs provide education, programming, and guidance tailored to traditional family and multigenerational values of Native entrepreneurs and other borrowers. It’s part of the secret sauce that makes them such invaluable partners.

There’ll be more virtual and in-person opportunities to connect with Native CDFIs during the upcoming year at events hosted by Native CDFI representatives and other partners and also attended by our staff.

Check back often for new discussions of the transformative potential of partnering with Native CDFIs—and details of upcoming events.

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