The final short video in our video learning series highlights Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, which builds immigrant and refugee power via organizing, education, and advocacy throughout Washington State.

In May 2019 Foundation board and staff members convened in Seattle for the annual learning retreat. They spent their time focused on this guiding question: How is self-determination expressed in the culturally grounded work of our grantees in Native communities, communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities, and people in rural areas near Seattle? Western Washington Network Coordinator Monserrat Padilla, and colleagues, spoke to us about how Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network answers this question.

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is in the middle of a two-year Foundation grant supporting its ongoing efforts to strengthen its coalition through investment in organizations across Washington State that support immigrant communities.

This video concludes our series of five short learning videos featuring some of our Seattle-area grantee partners. Previous installments focus on Ventures, Social Justice Fund Northwest, Byrd Barr Place, and Chief Seattle Club.

How Grantees Respond to Culture and Community

Learning Video Series: Insights and Innovations from Five Seattle Grantees

We filmed short, impromptu grantee interviews during our annual learning retreat in Seattle in May 2019. Watch videos from these grantees:


Empowers entrepreneurship and small-business ownership among communities with few resources but unlimited potential.

View the Interview
Social Justice Fund Northwest

Works toward long-term social change by funding grassroots community organizing throughout the Northwest.

View the Interview
Byrd Barr Place

Partners with organizations and individuals to provide basic human services and build advocacy about the effects of racism on people’s lives and the need for opportunities to build a good life.

View the Interview
Chief Seattle Club

Provides food, housing assistance, and other services to create a safe and sacred place to rest, revive, and nurture the spirit of urban Native peoples in need.

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Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network

Builds immigrant and refugee power via organizing, education, and advocacy throughout Washington State.

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