General Updates | January 8, 2021

Our Response to the Attack on the US Capitol

We at Northwest Area Foundation share the anger and disgust of many of you about the storming of the US Capitol on January 6.

Today and every day, we stand with changemakers who are responding, reimagining, and restructuring a better, more equitable future for us all.

The violent acts of a mob were an attack against our most basic values, including our heartfelt commitment to social and racial justice. Inseparable from this attack is the influence of generations of historical racism and colonization—whether through the acts of white nationalists who directly promote white supremacy or through the systems within our society that privilege whiteness at the expense of all others.

That this attack occurred is not surprising, given the history and current state of our nation. But it is a shocking reminder nonetheless of the distance we still need to travel to achieve a future where all people in our region—and our country—can thrive on their own terms, regardless of race or culture.

We are moved and inspired by statements of grantees and peers about these events. Below are links to several of these statements:

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