General Updates | August 17, 2021

We’re Transitioning Our Annual Report

For years, our real-time annual report has existed 24/7 on our website and blog.

Most other foundations have transitioned away from annual reports, and it’s high time for us to do so, too. You can already find all the same information on our website—from our staff and grants listings to financial reports and statements to stories about us and our grantees—and it’s much more up to date.

The time we spend creating an annual report can now be repurposed—reimagined—to bring you more and better insights on our grantees and who we are as a funder via our ongoing digital channels and other communications.

We’re refining our strategic grantmaking framework this year. It offers an opportunity to also refine how we engage with you.

We’ll be using the time saved from producing an annual report to rework our narrative and messaging and bring you more opportunities to see our grantees and our perspective through online stories, video, and other ways to have deeper engagement with us.

Meanwhile, you’ll gain just as much transparency about our work on our website—in fact, even more when you consider the information is updated more often online, instead of only annually.

Here’s where you can find information anytime online that used to be in the annual report.
Here are some links to additional information.
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