General Updates | July 17, 2023

Welcome to Our Newest Staff Member: Chetna Tandon, Director of People and Culture

In her new role, Chetna will support and develop the talent of the Foundation’s team members while fostering a values-driven culture for the organization.

Alongside her day-to-day HR functions, Chetna plans to help reimagine systems and processes and create new pathways—based on inclusion and equity—for how the Foundation engages with staff and communities.

She has 13+ years of HR experience, most recently as manager of talent at Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies (MACP). In addition to many other accomplishments, she was instrumental in refining MACP’s recruitment process for new hires to improve equity, inclusion, and candidate experience. She was a committed and vital part of MACP’s equity efforts.

Personally and professionally committed to advancing justice and equity.

Chetna has lived and worked in several countries and volunteered in various capacities, always with a focus on empowerment, healing, and wellness. She’s traveled extensively, visiting more than 35 countries. The cultural experiences she brings to the Foundation, including those of her Indian heritage, are invaluable. Being part of a global community has helped shape Chetna’s authentic self and inspires her as she works to advance the Foundation’s mission to create a culture that’s rooted in justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

We’re excited to have Chetna on our team!