JEDI, Strategic Approach | October 17, 2023

Video: What to Expect from a JEDI Journey as a Foundation Board

In this video, our board offers candid insights about how it learned to grow into an intentional commitment to JEDI.

Those who are committed to supporting thriving communities know the importance of justice and equity to ensure all people have their needs met—because what it means to thrive can look different, depending on the community. But for real change to come about, it takes an understanding of the importance of JEDI and an intentional commitment to it. This can pose challenges.

Boards need to join staff on the journey, too.

One of these challenges is to ensure that board and staff share the commitment. That’s why, when we began a learning journey six years ago, we brought the board along with our staff. It’s helped us stay on the same page as we translated aspiration about JEDI into action.

We’ve reached a point where we want to share this part of our journey. So we created a video to provide an inside look at our board, the kinds of practical learning it’s done over the years, and the value of the journey—in terms of both experience and growth.

The journey is ongoing.

We’re curious to break through barriers and learn more. We’d love to hear your reactions, your questions, your insights, and especially whether there are opportunities to partner with you or your board.

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