Presenting New CFO Ramya Rauf—Committed to Finance and Administration for Mission and Justice

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Our Mission

Our mission is to support efforts by the people, organizations, and communities of our eight-state region to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity.

Our Values

Our organizational values distill not just who we are, but who we aspire to be, in decisions both big and small. Our six values are: Social justice, courage, grantees come first, listen and learn for change, heart, and trust.

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Our Approach

We support problem solvers who build on the assets of their communities to create equitable economies where opportunity is shared by everyone. See how we’re listening and learning to support their work for lasting change.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey

We’re on an organization-wide journey to advance DEI because our mission to support sustainable prosperity can’t be achieved without it. This includes advancing racial equity and justice.

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