He shows how and why funders should invest more in Native communities.

Kevin Walker’s blog “Equity for Native American Communities: Using Mission Investments Alongside Grants” was posted today in the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) as part of a blog series that focuses on equity and mission investing presented in partnership with Mission Investors Exchange: How Foundations Are Using Impact Investing to Advance Racial Equity.

Philanthropy’s underfunding of Native communities is a major equity issue.

Kevin’s entry calls this out and illustrates how the Foundation has come to use mission investing, alongside its grantmaking, to support Native communities. We’ve made a commitment to place 40 percent of our grant dollars with Native-led nonprofit partners. Our investments in Native CDFIs provide a tangible example of how other funders can invest, too, and lift up proven and promising Native-led work.

Native communities know how to build equitable economic and social impact for generations to come. It’s time for philanthropy to invest more in their work.

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Kevin Walker

President and CEO, Northwest Area Foundation

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