Last year’s online survey yielded helpful feedback on what you want to know about mission investing.

Thank you to those who responded to last year’s mission investing survey on our website. Your reflections have helped—and will continue to help—us be more responsive and targeted in our advocacy for mission investing.

YOU TOLD US you admire how mission investing stretches beyond grantmaking to advance mission and strategy. We leverage this potential by supporting nonprofits and other partner organizations that will create jobs and financial capability in the under-resourced communities we serve.

YOU TOLD US you’re inspired by how mission investing can result in a double bottom line: economic returns alongside lasting social impact.

YOU TOLD US you appreciate learning about how we actively seek investment managers that share our values—for example, Granite Equity Partners, which invests in rural communities, and other funding opportunities that aren’t usually considered for mission investing.

YOU TOLD US you look to us as a leader in the field of mission investing. We have an ongoing commitment to encourage more foundations to begin using mission investments as another tool to advance their impact. In 2019 we’ll continue making the case. (For example, see CEO Kevin Walker’s recent Stanford Social Innovation Review blog post about the advantages of using mission investments alongside grants.)

Continuing to spotlight mission investing in 2019.

YOU TOLD US you want to see more of the type of research, reports, and tools we find helpful as we make mission-investment decisions. You also indicated a wish for more opportunities to connect in person and via webinars to discuss mission investing.

And now we’re taking your feedback and running with it. We’ll keep posting stories and resources throughout the year. We’re also planning at least one webinar in 2019, and we’ll notify you of events our staff plans to attend so you can connect in person.

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