A November webinar from Mission Investors Exchange highlights potential inaccuracies in the 2020 Census and why it’s important all communities are accurately counted.

The 90-minute webinar features a panel of impact investing, policy, philanthropy, and community development professionals, including, among others, NWAF’s Karla Miller and Wayne Ducheneaux, executive director of Native Governance Center (NGC), a Native American-led nonprofit that helps tribal nations exercise their sovereignty through leadership development and support. (We’re fortunate to share our St. Paul office space with the NGC team.)

Accurate census data supports not only public services and grantmaking but also impact investing. The webinar’s host, Mission Investors Exchange (MIE), is a national resource network for foundations focused on using capital to support social and environmental change. MIE is concerned about the likelihood of an under-count in the 2020 Census, as are we.

Communities that have been historically marginalized, including our priority communities—Native Americans, communities of color, immigrants, refugees, and people in rural areas—are among those most at risk of being under-counted. Census data affects a wide variety of allocation and policy decisions, many of which are of concern to foundations and mission investors. Having accurate data ensures these decisions more accurately reflect the interests of the communities and causes we’re serving.

The webinar’s discussion will illuminate the importance of census data, how it’s used in impact investing, the ripple effects of inaccurate data, and how you can take action to “get out the count.”

Census2020: Why and How It Matters for Impact Investing

November 12, 2019

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