JEDI, Strategic Approach | April 6, 2023

Download Our 2022 JEDI Annual Report

Accountability. It’s an aspiration of ours as we enter the sixth year of an organization-wide journey to advance justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI).

The work is ongoing and requires learning and adaptation. We’re launching this report—our first ever to provide an overview of JEDI in our internal and external operations—as a way to thread accountability across all our efforts.

Although we’ve been tracking our progress for years, we’d never put the data together into an annual report until 2022. The results are exciting. Our organization has traveled a long way on the JEDI journey, and we’ve seen real impact on areas ranging from grantmaking to our investment managers to our staff and board training.

Grantmaking is one of many areas impacted by our JEDI journey. We’re committed to supporting efforts led by Native Americans and communities of color.

For more information, contact JEDI Manager Margie Jo Eun Joo Andreason or visit our DEI webpage.

Photo top: Project IOWA staff, Des Moines, IA. Photo by Uzoma Obasi.

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