Across all four portfolios, our grants and investments are driven by the priorities we share with our partners who are doing the work.

We strive to advance the following priorities within each of our four portfolios:

  • Changing systems & policies.

    We support programs and policies to improve and expand access to good jobs and financial capability, alongside efforts to influence the systems that impact our communities, such as government programs and policies that impact workforce development or the web of banking and financial services that affect people’s ability to get a loan. This approach helps dismantle barriers faced by some today—and establish new pathways to prosperity for many more tomorrow.
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  • Lifting up successful models.

    To share and advance the work of our grantees, we lift up innovative programs and policies that serve as models for nonprofit, government, and private sector leaders championing similar reforms in communities across our region and country.
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  • Providing opportunities for learning.

    We connect our grantees with other leaders so they can generate new opportunities for impact by exchanging ideas and resources, exploring innovations, and collaborating in unexpected ways.
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  • Learning together.

    We listen closely and learn alongside the organizations we support so we can continually refine and improve our grantmaking and ensure that those who are doing the work have the support they need to achieve meaningful change.
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