Survey respondents share their ideas for how they would like NWAF to engage with them online.

Recently, we asked members of our community to make their voice heard about ways to engage them that are most useful, the information we can offer that is most helpful, and how we can better make the case for investing in the social and microenterprise work that makes up our Enterprise Development portfolio.

We know that our grantees and community members build on entrepreneurial spirit, strong community ties and untapped potential within underserved communities—but there is more that we can do than simply provide grant dollars.


  • Most respondents had sought information on social and/or microenterprise development. However, nearly 20 percent did not know where to look.
  • Almost two-thirds of respondents do not yet follow NWAF on social media. However, they are interested in receiving both visual and written content that is applicable to their work on social media.
  • The majority of respondents (85%) talked to experts in the field or connected with people online to find news and information on social and/or microenterprise development.

In the full report, you’ll see ways you said you would like us to engage with you, what you would like to learn more about and how you think the Foundation should be making the case for social and microenterprise development.


The survey results are already informing our messaging. We’ve enhanced our case for why investing in micro and social enterprise helps communities thrive based on feedback from you, our respondents. View the case statement.

And, we’re doing more to connect with you immediately and in the upcoming year. We’re currently pulling together a content calendar that offers information and tools reflecting the interests and needs you expressed in the survey. We’ll also be using this content, along with more active outreach, to expand our engagement with you via social media, especially via Facebook and Twitter, and through our website, blog, and e-blasts.

We invite you to keep following us and to respond to us with what you’re liking and would like to see more of. Feel free to reach out directly to us with your ideas.

Take a look at the full report of survey findings, along with insights and ideas for engagement.

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