We are devastated that another Black man—George Floyd—has suffered and died after a brutal interaction with Minneapolis police officers on Monday evening. George Floyd’s family and our local community grieve and hunger for justice. So do we.

Yet, none of us is surprised.

The senseless violence inflicted on George Floyd reflects the racial injustice we see on a daily basis produced by policies and systems designed to produce just that: racial injustice. We’ve seen it in the disproportionate impact of the current pandemic on Black communities, in the racial wealth gap that continues to grow, and in a criminal justice system that so frequently devalues and debases Black lives.

The Minneapolis Police Department and the officers involved must be held accountable for the abuse of George Floyd. Just as importantly, the policing system must change, or it will continue to produce the same result: destruction of Black lives.

As a foundation committed to racial equity, we will continue to drive for change and support Black leadership, which advances that change every day for Black communities. George Floyd’s death, in our own backyard, evokes the long history of systemic racism in this country and reminds us that we still have urgent work to do.

We would also like to refer you to statements from some of our peers and partners: 
Below are Black-led grantees of the Foundation that are leading advocacy and systems change in the Twin Cities
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